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CBD Oil Brand Partners

  • Our organization is currently looking to partner with high quality producing CBD oil businesses.  If you have spent any time on our site you will see that we believe in the efficacy of CBD oil specifically when being used to treat seizures in children with Epilepsy.  

  • One of our other primary goals as an organization is to provide education and resources for those children and families living with Epilepsy.  We would be looking to partner with  CBD businesses in order to further spread the word about the usefulness of CBD oil as well as give more families more affordable access to high quality products that can be used "specifically" for children.

  • Go to our                                   page to see more of our reasons for promoting CBD oil.

  • If you are a CBD oil producing business and you have a high quality, safe, and effective brand we would love to partner with you.  Please submit the contact information form below or reach out to us on our social media platforms.  Thanks in advance for reaching out and we look forward to joining forces with you so that we can help as many chidren as possible elevate above Epilepsy. 

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