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Elevating Above Epilepsy (EAE) Ambassadors

What is an EAE Ambassador?


                    EAE Ambassadors are community volunteers that help us to complete our foundations mission. There are several things you could assist us with to support our foundation and we say take your pick.  If serving your community and working for a worthy cause is something you are interested in, then this may be a role you would like to explore.  Here at EAE we focus on servicing children with Epilepsy and those that support them in our community.


                As we strive to fulfill our purpose, we also support other community centered organizations who may not have our focus but who assist in servicing other groups in need in our community.  With that being said, we need volunteers to assist in our efforts across the board.  If you decide to join our team you could help us do any of the following:

Glass Buildings

Join Us

Fill in the information below if you would be interested in volunteering.  We would love to have you join our team and help further our mission to help children elevate above epilepsy.

Thanks for submitting!
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