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Our Mission Statement

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

              Our organizational mission is to bring awareness of the prevalence of childhood Epilepsy to the community and to support children living Epilepsy and their families.  We will share our knowledge that has been gathered from learning through experience as well as what we've learned from others to edify the lives of children suffering from this illness in our community. The foundation of our organization comes directly from the story of a father (Curtis Harris) and a son (Curtis Javon Harris /CJ) living through a childhood Epilepsy diagnosis with its many challenges and victories.  With this foundation, we are able to approach the way we serve these families in a very personal and practical manner having a deeper understanding of the daily struggles. This insight has allowed for us to formulate distinct goals that we believe will allow us to effectively serve as many families as we can.  Ultimately, we strive to contribute and serve children with Epilepsy and their families by accomplishing 4 primary goals:

  • Educating our community and families living with Epilepsy about the illness by finding credible sources of information and partnering with other prominent Epilepsy organizations/ foundations to access their educational libraries and knowledge base.

  • Providing tangible and intangible resources to Epileptic children and their families so that they will have access to more information based around the latest research and receive better care that would otherwise be too expensive and or out of reach. 

  • Integrating sports into the lives of children with epilepsy to give them the opportunity to lead more fulfilling lives by helping them to develop socially and mentally.

  • Creating awareness around the CBD oil alternative treatment for childhood Epilepsy and emphasizing its safety and efficacy.

These goals are described in more detail throughout the site.  As we begin our mission we are building a network of individuals who can see the vision of where we wish to move our foundation.  We hope that as you explore who we are and see how we wish to serve those in our community you may want to participate.  If so feel free to reach out to us on our growing social media platforms and on this site.  Also if you know someone who could benefit from the services we will be providing to children living with Epilepsy please direct them here so that we can assess their needs and see how we can assist.  We want to reach out to as many families as we can and make a significant impact in their lives which in turn impacts the community and ultimately the world.

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