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Basketball Match
Basketball Match

EAE Sports 

  • Did you know that children with Epilepsy are two times more likely to have challenges with education and learning?

  • They are also two times more likely to feel as though they do not fit in.  This is where our organization comes in.


Elevating Above Epilepsy Foundation is focused on integrating sports into the equation of the lives of children who have epilepsy and providing any resources needed to do so. 

Watch the video to get more details.


  • The NYU Child Study Center, along with several other organizations of its kind, has found that sports help children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Also, according to the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, sports assist children to enjoy enhanced social interactions and helps them learn effective skills for interacting with both peers and adults.

  • We have also seen this work in real life with CJ’s journey and him being able to play sports in college and excel. Him being able to elevate above epilepsy using sports has been an inspiration to many and an example of what can be accomplished.

Our organization will be using sports to service children with Epilepsy in our community in 4 primary ways:



 We will be facilitating sports fundraisers and events for children and adults held yearly to raise funds for the benefit of Epileptic children and their families in our community.  

Public Speaker


Safety and Sensitivity Training

  • We will be Coordinating and sponsoring classes and seminars educating coaches and players.  


  • We will be sharing facts about epilepsy and training them on how to identify seizures so that they may be prepared to handle any number of emergency situations if a child on their team has epilepsy.

  • We will also offer additional courses on CPR and other emergency safety procedures and processes that will benefit the sporting community overall.



Leadership and Mentorship Programs

  • A majority of our EAE board members are coaches, trainers, and educators who are active in the community. We will also be able to offer leadership training and mentoring programs. 

  • We believe that children are the future leaders of tomorrow.  As an organization with a vision, we will positively impact the world by starting with the youth and using sports and other educational activities as a means to do so.


Scholarships and Grants

  • With our fundraising efforts, we will be funding Grants and scholarships for Epileptic children who excel in education while playing sports. 

  • We will also have scholarships that may be available for those youths involved in our leadership and mentorship programs.

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